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Support Series: Pt. 2|| Ride or dies

April 4, 2018







Friends. I feel that in our society there are certain friends that are only meant to be in your life for a small amount of time. These friends are not meant to stay for a long time, rather they are to help you through whatever season you are currently going through- eventually and inevitably you drift apart for no real reason, yet you remain friends on facebook/ insta just to see how their life continues to play out. And then there are the special ones. These are friends that just for what ever reason decide to stick this crazy thing called life out with you through everything- am I right? You fight like siblings, support each other unconditionally, and love so hard it hurts. These friends are the friends you go ALL OUT for every birthday, major life event, and even just when you want a goooood Girls Night Out. You ride together and you die together. 


This edition of the support series is dedicated to my Ride or Dies. I do want to say I have a great support system of friends, sorority sisters and followers, and I wish I had enough time to highlight the people that support me every day. These women are just extremely special to me and I know that they would be there for me in an instant- no matter how inconvenient, or difficult of a situation I am in. They have been there since I made the decision to have my surgery. This journey has been anything but easy and these women could attest to that for me. They are always an ear to listen even when I am feeling not worthy of my self.


I love them because....

They are the true embodiment of the saying Empowered women empower women. 

They remind me of my self worth on a regular basis. 

They bless me with their laughter.

They are patient.

They Grace me with their Love.

They are kind. 

They accept me for being *genuinely* me. 



||| KELLY|||


Kelly has been my best friend since literally the day we met back in 2011.  Little did we know that she would become my big sister in Delta Gamma shortly after meeting. We literally talk every day all day and I honestly don't know how I would get through my day without hearing from her. She has seen me on my worst day and  stood by my side on my wedding day. This picture was snapped the last time I went to visit her in Virginia Beach where she is killing the game at her current job, and life in general! Kelly is sarcastic, funny, inappropriate, and an all around genuine friend. She may live all the way across the country, but I will continue to plow people over, ugly cry, and scream every single time we are reunited. Here is to getting free shots for the rest of our lives every time we are together. <3 I cannot thank you enough for being the best friend I could have ever dreamt of. 




Y'all. This. Woman. 

Meet Alyssa- also one of my sorority sisters who I became visually inseparable with when we met back in 2011. She is an amazing woman, mother, wife, and still somehow finds time to support me throughout my journey. I literally feel like she is superwoman with the amount of love she continues to shower me with all the way from Tennessee. We were reunited this last weekend at our sister Jessie's wedding and it felt so good to see her. We still turned it up on the dance floor and were as ridiculous as ever. I would not trade this woman for anything in this whole entire world. 



Little Bit. My heart and soul. Nicki became my little when she joined Delta Gamma. At the time we didn't know very much about each other, but once we started going on sister dates we realized that we were over the MOON for each other. Nicki was even my roommate when we lived in the DG house. She is funny, unfortunately -very easy to pick on, a lover of Nicholas Cage, she is the one and the only Lord Voldy. All jokes aside, she has been a very important part of my journey. She was immediately at my house the day I got home from surgery. Cream colored roses in hand. Her just showing up meant the world to me. Every time I moved places to relax, I carried Nicki's flowers with me just so I could look at them. She kills the game in L.A, and in supporting me. There are friends that just understand you without having to explain yourself- that is Nicki. She just gets me. No words needed, but she will be there with a Diet DP in hand ready to let me cry on her lap if I need it. I am incredibly proud of the woman she has become and incredibly thankful for her friendship. 




My unicorn. The ying to my yang. My fellow weirdo.  When we are together we speak a different language than most. We laugh uncontrollably, and very man like. She is also a sister of mine from DG. She has spent countless hours on the phone listening to me cry. She reminds me constantly that this is a journey, I am not perfect, and that no one expects me to be. This girl is the real deal.  



My Girl- Kris. Typically in a group text with me and Kelly every day. She constantly makes me laugh, and is always the voice of reason to Kelly and I's ridiculous antics. This picture was snapped on Kristin's wedding day (pre surgery) and I could not be more thankful to have stood by your side. Thank you for being patient with me, and always encouraging me. I am forever grateful for you Kris.




Ren Ren! She constantly texts me to see how I am doing and to make sure I am okay. We love to run errands together and listen to Drake. We celebrate BIG for each other and for that I am eternally grateful. I am in a fitness accountability group with her, Jordie (featured below) and some of our other friends. We post constantly about each of our journeys and how different they are is remarkable. It just validates the point that each person is different. Renata is by far the best cheerleader out there! She constantly sends me motivational pics and keeps me accountable. 

||| JORDIE|||

Jordie! This pic is so old, but I thought it was a good indication of where we both have come from. Jordie and I have recently gotten very close, and she is essentially the reason that this blog exists. She encourages me to continue along my path and not give up daily. We talk on the phone weekly now just to catch up, and touch base. Jordie is also on a journey and has lost about 50 lbs on her own! I am so proud to call you a sister and a friend. 



Like I said- these are only a few of the women that have been so encouraging to me, but there are three additional that I would like to give a quick shout out to: 


Jessie|| the beautiful new bride! You are so supportive of everything that I do and I cannot thank you enough for being there for me all the way from Cali. Your wit and humor keep me on my toes. I love you so so so much <3 


Lauren B.|| My sweet sweet friend and fellow book nerd. Lauren and I have been friends since High school, and if we are being honest- lost touch for a good portion of college. We have reconnected and honestly it feels like we have not missed a beat. She is a confidant and an amazing friend. I am so glad that we have rekindled our friendship because lets be real - I have missed us. Thank you for listening to me complain and being ready to light the torches with me. You constantly remind me that it is okay to have emotions, and using the blog is an excellent way to express those. 


Faith|| Thank you for continually supporting me. You have been there as a friend since I came to you for a referral to Dr. Patel. You have held my hand and walked me through everything that I was experiencing in the beginning. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support you have given me. 


I love these women so incredibly much. They are absolutely amazing each in their own individual way.  They each have a special place in my heart because they have seen me through thicc days and champion me into my thin days. Also, thank you so much to each of you that read my blog and like my instagram posts. this journey isn't easy by any means but it makes it tolerable when I have such a great support system to help me along the way. - xoxo



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