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August 21, 2018




Has anyone else gone through the feelings of not feeling worthy? Its an awful place to be in. When I find that I am struggling with accepting the fact that I look the way I do, or my personality is the way it is, or hell- my style is the way it is; I have to remind myself to stay true to who I am as an individual. We often will try to be a chameleon and "blend in" to our surroundings as best as we can. Its a strange concept to me that society has taught us this. Don't get my words twisted- you should be very aware of social cues and your surroundings. Act appropriately for the situation. If you are at a networking event with your CEO- act right, but be yourself. There is a chance that it won't come out to my CEO that I love Trap music or that I have a deep love for two buck chuck from TJ's. The point is- Im not going to change who I am to the core just for someone else's approval. My story is my story. I own it. I am damn proud of it. I would never want to tell anyone else's story except mine. 


So in the spirit of authenticity I thought I would share 10 facts about me that you might not know. 




10. I have an obsession with chocolate- its bad. I try to limit myself versus deprive myself here because one minute its fine and the next minute I'm 3 glasses of Pinot Grigio deep and an entire bag of Dove's milk chocolates are gone. I often refrain from buying them myself just because well with chocolate self control is not a thing. 


9. I LOVE all kinds of music. I let my mood determine what I listen to. There is a high chance I will be blasting my favorite trap queens one minute and the next I'm chillin on a dirt road listening to country. 


8. I HATE my hands being dirty. Its weird. I always have not liked having ketchup or any kind of sauce on my hands. 


7. Similarly to #8- I am obsessed with hand sanitizer. ever since my surgery its become an obsessive compulsive thing that I can't make stop. whatever at least it smells good- its from bath and body works (duh!) 


6. 3 words: two. buck. chuck. - it truly is the way to my heart.


5. Even though I have lost weight- I struggle with my love for food. Socially we gather around food. I can't really do that anymore. Hours and Hours bent over the toilet still have not taught me this lesson. I'm learning- just my way. the hard way. 


4. I met my husband online & I made the first move. - YEP! You read that right! I hit on my husband first and good thing I did too- we both were about to delete our profiles the same night. If I didn't message him I would still be single roaming around in life.


3. I consider myself  religious. I attend church every single week. I serve in multiple areas of the church. My husband and I are dedicated stewards. I by no means am perfect. But I try to live an authentically genuine life. 


2. I love Enrique Iglesias. He is the best. I have seen him in concert 3 times and will go every. single. time he is here. 


1. I love my dogs Beaux and Dixie as if they were my own children- heck. They are my children. Fight me on this.  I dare you. 


BONUS FACT: I am obsessed with body spray. I apply body spray periodically throughout the day as soon as I can't smell it anymore. 



While yes these are 10 VERY random facts about me- they are things that make up who I am as a person. So in short- be you. Be so authentically unapologetically you that you wouldn't want to tell anyone else's story but your own. 






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