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Real Slim...Changes?

September 25, 2018



Just when you think life is fantastic the universe will throw you one gigantic curveball to make things interesting.


For me particularly 2018 has been one hell of a year. 

I knew my life would be different but it didn't know how significantly different I would be. 


Yes. You read that correctly. I knew my life would change- but I wasn't sure how much I would change. 


Since surgery everything is different. In more ways than I can even put into words- but you know me and you know I am going to try. 


Here are some things whereI have noticed the change:


- I am more confident.

- My soul radiates happiness.

-I actually like what I see in the mirror: even more than I have in the past couple of months. 

-I can finally *genuinely* be happy for other women in my life and celebrate their successes.

- I have learned what true friendship looks like. 

-I have learned not everyone is going to understand what I am constantly going through... and that's okay. 


- Life it so short to take it so seriously

-following your passions, no matter how scary the path is to get there, will only lead you to true happiness.

-it's okay to walk away from toxic friendships. 

-Its okay to push your body to the point of feeling like you can't move anymore- You can. And you will.

-lifting weights is SO.MUCH.FUN!

-Spin is my release from the week. 

-its okay to rest. You need it. 

-listening to your body is the best thing you can do for yourself

-Taking a leap of faith is scary but worth it

-Positive energy attracts positive energy: give all you have to the universe.



By far the most important...


I love the woman I have become. 


I think change is the key to transforming your soul. Change in perspective, change in attitude, change in soul, and change in circumstance. I have taken quite the leap of faith lately. Its official- I am leaving my full time sales job. Yes... I know. It's scary.  


The pressure, stress, multiple anxiety attacks, and daily unhappiness have shifted change in me. Growing up I think the most important lesson I learned from my Dad was this "If you aren't happy doing what you are doing... You should probably be doing something else." This lesson has stuck with me for my entire life. 


No job is worth waking up every hour on the hour having mini panic attacks because sleep isn't coming easy since you aren't hitting your targets for the month. And then there is the issue of the yearly targets too. You see- it snowballs and gets BIGGER AND BIGGER. Imagine working at a high stress job + grad school. 


I am taking the time to focus on my graduate program through Texas Tech. Its a lot of school work so I am thankful to have such an amazing husband, family, and friends that support me in putting my health, and well being first. 


This isn't a step back- more of a pivot. A shift in focus.  


Here's to...

Leaning in. 












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