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Blessings on Blessings: M+M Edition

November 8, 2018









 Guys. Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel loved and supported. 


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Mimosas + Motivation which was last Sunday 11.04.2018. 



When planning this event I was unclear on my vision. It was the first event I planned here in Dallas. I just knew I needed to create a community.  I was nervous. I was scared people would not show up. I was afraid people wouldn't feel inspired after they left. 


Instagram and the internet is great however- connecting with people in person is WAY better. 







I am still finding myself completely overwhelmed with love, support and blessings. 






I just wanted to take a moment to thank some very special people who helped make this event happen: 




My dazzling co host! Thank you for helping me take my vision and intuition about this event and creating it in real life! Thank you for constantly loving me and supporting me through this event and through my fitness journey. 





Taelor & Dave- 


Without you two we wouldn't have any goodie bags and there would not have been any poof balls to hang behind the photo booth. Thank you both for spending hours at my hour drinking margaritas and loving my hand cut confetti 








Andrew, my sweet husband-


I love you. I know you couldn't be there in person but I felt your love and support all the way from shake shack. Also thank you for putting up with my perfectionist crazy self as i tried to make this the best event possible. Also- i promise you can have the apartment back. I think I have finally gotten all of the glitter up.




The Dallas socialite queen <3 Thank you again for providing the Photo Booth! I cannot thank you enough for your love and support. It is amazing having a wonderful friend like you supporting me and my endeavors. 







Also huge thank you to some of our sponsors who provided the stuffing for the goodie bags! 


Cyro1one Dallas, Ross and Hall, Stretchzone Dallas, The Big Bottle Co.  (use code SCHUMIE15 for 15% off!) and Bang Energy 




Love you all so much-Thank you for your love and support always 










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