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One Bite at a Time

November 21, 2018


When I think of the holidays- I think of over indulging. I mean who doesn't love to go back for seconds when it comes to Grandma's mac n cheese- or hell... even Mom's stuffing? 


Well- since my surgery I obviously cannot remotely eat what I used to be able to but that doesn't mean that I am not just as thrilled to gobble till I wobble on Turkey day. But here is the deal- I won't really be wobbling because I am taking Thanksgiving into my own hands this year! 


Last year I was about a month pre op before my surgery and I was going through sessions with my dietician to ensure that I learned how to cope throughout the holidays and not gain any additional weight. 


So this blog is dedicated to giving you some tips and tricks on how to survive Turkey day without gaining a ton of weight afterwards! 


1. When in a setting where you are to bring a side- bring a healthy option.


This ensures that you are bringing something that you can eat plenty of without the guilt. For example- bring a simple cranberry, pecan salad with a light vinaigrette dressing. Check out this recipe here


2. Stick to the protein


protein. protein. protein. I cannot say it enough. Post surgery if there is something that I am going to eat its going to be protein. You can get protein through meat directly, or via beans, cheese, eggs, nuts. These are all things that I have on hand all the time. - Again if its not going to be available at the spread: bring your own. 


3. Make sure your plate is balanced. 


A healthy balanced plate is key when going through the holiday season. I don't know about you guys but for us, we have a ton of appetizers out and its pot luck style where everyone brings a side or two. Making the majority of your plate a healthy veggie (i.e the salad that I mentioned on tip #1) and protein will be key to avoiding packing on the pounds.  What is my plate is a great resource for learning how to build and balance your plate- check out their website here


4. Skip the small bites 


As i mentioned in tip #3- at my house we always have a ton of appetizers. Its like an entire mini meal before the big meal! I have two words for you- SKIP IT. Its not worth the calories. Take your time, and drink some water. Save room for the meal later. If you do plan on indulging make sure you are snacking on things like protein, cheese & nuts. 



Finally- the HOLY GRAIL OF ADVICE that I got from my Dietician.... 




Let me say it again... It only takes one bite to make a memory. You don't need to pile heaps of Grandma's mac n cheese on your plate- take one bite. Marinate on it. Savor it. Enjoy it. But there is no need to over do it. You can enjoy those child hood memories just with one bite. 


This last tip was by far my biggest take away from my sessions with my dietician. This was the hardest pill to swallow and best lesson that I could have brought into this new journey and life with me. 


Love you guys! Enjoy the holiday, but don't get crazy! 






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