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Stress Eating Survival Guide

December 11, 2018


Stressful times y'all. Finals week..During this week I my diet consisted of sugar free red bull and cheese balls. What a time to be alive! 


When the going got tough what did I do? I turned to my old eating habits, and I hated myself for it. I have spent the last (almost) year working and striving to change my habits for existing. Everything from eating to working out. 


When crunch time was here to test myself... I walked away from the new me. 


It was easier to settle in to old habits. 

It was easier to make an excuse. 

It was easier to cry into a gallon drum of cheese balls instead of meal prep like I normally do. 


Another lesson that I have learned over this year is giving myself grace. If you know me personally, you will know that I am extremely hard on myself. 


So in light of giving myself grace and moving on since I've beaten myself up way too much about my eating over the last week and a half.


Here's to me Feeling it, Acknowledging it, and Accepting it. 


And moving on. 


I have a couple of tips and tricks that I live by (typically) week over week, so I thought I would share them with you guys today! 




Being prepared in my eating has been the toughest thing to adjust to. I no longer can just roll up to Jason's Deli and eat a sandwich. It's financially irresponsible. Any time I go out to eat, I think "OMG I'm so excited to eat two bites of this and put it in a to-go box"! So when I can avoid going out and eating out... I do. (Although- I am always here for a brunch situation because I can typically order small sides of eggs and bacon) 


Here are some easy meal prep tips to keep under your belt: 


- Pick a day that works best with your schedule and get it all done then! For me, Sunday's work best. I always work to prep my meals sunday afternoons. 

-Find good tupperware that you will use every week. For me I have small snack size containers that I found at target. I use them every week for EVERYTHING! 

-Live by the food scale. One of the things I do is weigh all of my portions out. Its tedious yes, BUT when you stick to it you will have a better idea of what you are taking in. For me, I weigh out every single meal. I have to in order to make sure that my food portions aren't too big so my stomach doesn't stretch. 

-Think fresh, think easy, think High protein! If you are planning on doing a lower carb diet, just be careful. I eat "low carb" however, I plan my carbs. Think fresh veggies, and high high protein




Planning your carbs are super important. I don't know if you are like me... but carbs are my go to when I am stressed or emotional eating. Instead of depriving myself from them I have decided just to control them.

-eat your carbs in the morning or for lunch 

-think complex carbs not high processed, high gluten




When you are going somewhere, be prepared. From what I have experienced no one will judge you for bringing your own food somewhere. Wether its to a friends house or to the gym, I always bring something with me because I know that I am going to need it. 



Forgetting these 3 things have sent me on a tail spin. These are the core to how I function now post surgery and would be great for anyone looking to make a change in their eating habits. 


Change is never easy.


Feel it

Accept it

Acknowledge it

Move on














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