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January 15, 2019




I know it's been a while. I have been swamped with work and planning amazing things for 2019! I thought tonight would be so appropriate to do a year in review recap of 2018! I have been so blessed and so much has changed for me throughout the entire year- so bare with me but we are going to take it all the way back! 



Here are some of my favorite highlights of 2018 


- Survived weightloss surgery 




-Started The Real Slim Schumie


-Survived emergency gallbladder removal surgery

-Went to Disneyworld with my husband and baby cousin 



-I embraced my body dysmorphia and continue to work on my self love practice. 

-choose to make myself a priority not only in my self love practice but by making time to go to the gym. (If I'm being honest- having Weston as a trainer/ friend really helps keep me accountable)



-Embraced fears of judgement in the gym and in life with being open about my journey


- was featured in Voyage Dallas- you can read my article here 


-I choose Joy over sadness- it would be easy to be the friend that constantly has something wrong with them... even though I have good and bad days with food, I choose to not let that effect how I interact with my friends. 




-Went on a life changing service trip & decided to jump off the ledge and apply to graduate school.



- Successfully threw the first Mimosas + Motivation event - Obviously not without the help of some amazing friends













-Was accepted into Texas Tech University to pursue my career of becoming an Orientation and Mobility specialist. 



- quit my full-time job 

-celebrated my year surgiversary


AND more importantly....


- dropped a whopping 155 lbs!


Of course I celebrated with a fun photoshoot with two of my best gal pals! Check out the slide show below for some of the pics! 





2018 was by far the most challenging year of my life. My marriage was tested, my personal friendships were tested, and if I'm being completely honest, I failed. A lot. I let myself down in various ways but honestly, its the growth that keeps me looking forward to 2019. Ive got goals that I cannot wait to crush this year! 







Things to look forward to for 2019: 


- Mimosas & Motivation coming in February!!

- Q & A vid staring Weston my trainer! 

-More information on the supplements I am taking and where I like to buy them!

-MORE & MORE to come :)  



Stay around... I am just getting started ... 





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