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Supplement Intimidation

January 25, 2019






Supplements.. As someone who is new to the work out/ fitness world- I have NO idea where to start! I have always been interested in pre workouts and BCAA's but I never really knew how to incorporate them into my daily life. Honestly, when I look at the labels I just see a bunch of big words that do NOT make any sense, also with some creative marketing to make the packaging appealing. 


And if I'm being completely honest, I used to walk into supplement shops and instantly feel like I was out of place. It's like I could feel everyone in the store judging me and thinking "Clearly the big girl doesn't need to be in here. She doesn't belong". It was obviously all in my head, but similarly to the gym before I lost the weight I felt like I didn't belong- it felt like I not only didn't belong in the store, but I didn't belong in the fitness world. 


It wasn't until I started taking fitness seriously (before my surgery) that I started learning more- mostly a ton of thanks to Weston for helping me get off the ground with some basic products that don't taste like garbage! For me taste, smell and quality are three super important things. Post -op me has a tough time with things that don't taste the best or things that smell strange. I honestly thought it would go away at some point but... no. Its still here- like I can throw up at the taste of water. How ridiculous is that? I know its crazy but that is one of the things I just cannot get over. I honestly do not know if I will ever eat a brussels sprout after this surgery. -


 Over time on this journey, Ive learned that the crazy thing is- supplements are so important not only to your body in general but more importantly pre and post work out! One of my sorority sisters Hailey, became a sponsored athlete for a local supplement shop called Anybody Supplements here in Prosper, Tx. It was a little far for me so I didn't pay it any mind, but after hearing Hailey talk about the shop and the team they had there even more.. I decided to look into them and their branding. So I followed them on instagram just to see the type of content they were putting out. 


After doing some research on my own, one day after work I thought it would be nice to go give them a chance- fully knowing that if I felt overwhelmed or intimidated I would walk right out of the building, not spending a dime. I did mention to Hailey that I was planning on going to visit so the shop actually DM'ed me and gave me a discount code to use! I took the chance to tell their social media person that I was planning on coming in and I would like to post some content- I originally was thinking on my insta story. 






 My experience was nothing short of amazing. I did not feel intimidated at all, I walked in and I honestly had not planned on doing a full blog review on these guys- until I got there and started talking to the team. I fell in love with Anybody Supplements for a couple of reasons. I will go ahead and list them out here below for you all: 


-First and foremost...They are a small business! If you know me in my personal life you know I am a HUGE supporter of small businesses. I vibe big time with entrepreneurial energy, as I have always wanted to own my own company. I like to eat at local restaurants and shop at small businesses. Luckily where we live here in Dallas the local restaurants and small businesses are booming! 


-Zero Intimidation factor: I mean.. their name has ANYBODY in it. To be fair they knew I was coming before hand, however it is still nerve wracking for me to go into a supplements store. I still struggle with the feeling of not belonging- but here that feeling was not present at all. 


-Knowledge- Andres and Molly were so knowledgeable of the products they had in the shop. Honestly it was refreshing that they were interested in helping me find supplements and products that would be best for me and my journey


-like-ability: I feel like in today's society, you have to be a likable person for consumers to spend their hard earned dollars at your business. 


-variety: there was such a variety of products.. y'all they even carry products for women who are pregnant and into working out! (I honestly had no idea that something like that existed!) 


Here are some of the products that I got in my first Anybody haul: 



I am absolutely in love with all of my Alani Nu products! If you have not checked them out you TOTALLY should! Mimosa pre workout... I mean HELLO? Can I get anymore basic than that?! 


Also... because I know you are interested.. Here are some pictures of the store! It is so nice and more importantly clean- visually and actually- haha! 






Here is a little more about the Anybody team: 




 (Saif, Faisal, Andres, Joe & Nino)



'5 owners that all play important roles in this store. Each owner and their Better halves help to make one big happy family owned business. We started this business to help people make an actual difference in their lives. To help anyone and everyone find happiness. Supplements, work out plans, eating habits all come together to help people achieve their goals. Not only can it physically change their appearance but mentally it can change their whole outlook on life. And that’s the goal here every day at Any Body. 


It just Started as a small website to this amazing store front with over 1500 different skus online and in store. So many different brands and options for each and every kind of person. And we aren’t done growing. We hope to continue this Amazing journey and help as many people as we can along the way."





The better news is that you can order from them online! They can ship supplements right to your house! You can check them out here! 





I am doing my first giveaway along side of Anybody! There are just a couple of rules check out my latest instagram (@therealslimschumie <- if you don't already follow )post to see the details! 





Check out the give away! 

Be open to trying something new! 

Get excited- 2019 is going to be the best year yet! 









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