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March 20, 2019



Hi everyone!


Its been a while.


Sorry, but I'm NOT sorry.


I will not apologize for needing time to breathe and just exist.


I have been on a break from the blog just to make sure that my life is on track. And if I am being completely honest...... It has been a much needed break.


I was feeling overwhelmed.

Burnt out.

& down right discouraged. 


I have worked extremely hard on this page. Everything from the design to the content is planned by yours truly.


I have no experience in designing graphics- yet I somehow manage every week. 

I have no experience in creating a website and owning a domain- yet somehow I have managed to figure that portion out. 


Ya'll want me to be compeltely and 100% honest..., I have not experienced the growth that I thought I desired. I am not willing to pay for any followers on instagram, or for my subscribers to my blog.


we live in a society where our lives are depicted by a series of tiled pictures, and challenging the alagrithms of instagram can be difficult.


Everyone is tagging everything from lunch dates to relaxation time. (I am guilty of this too- I know)


I just got completely overwhelmed by all of this.


So I took a break. I walked away. I contemplated quitting.  


During this break, I took time to relfect on that very desire. Is monetizing this blog something that I am looking to do? Would my subscribers/ followers be interested in seeing more ads? How is my content for 2019 going to continue to be relevant as I change and my goals change? Am I even relevant anymore?


Maybe I am the only one but has anyone else noticed that we completely overshare way too much of our lives on the internet? I mean I see people sharing everything from their BM's (which weight loss patients I can understand its a necessary topic for some people to ask questions about) to memes complaining about work. 


Maybe its just me and my current desire for privacy. 


I am fully aware that I have chosen to be vulnerable throughout my journey and have chosen a path that requires me to post online.


Don't worry- I fully understand that.


I can also understand when I am feeling the deep need to keep things to myself.


Since 2018 brought SO MANY changes to my life, I was constantly updating everyone about everything that has been happening.  While It has been great for me to use this blog as a place to express my emotions, it can be overwhelming.


As I said earlier, I have not monetized this adventure of mine. Any event that I throw, I rely on partnerships to make happen while being fully aware that I am investing in creating and cultivating community that I fully believe in. I allow myself a small budget for each event, but that doesn't make it easy. 


At this point I am sure you are asking yourself, what is she going to do next?


After a lot of contemplation, self love, discovery and grace during my failures- I have decided the blog stays. 


Its too important to me. 


So launching into the rest of 2019, Ive decided a couple of things: 


- I will not guage my successes on the number of followers I have on instagram. 

-I will not guage my successes by the number of clicks I have on a blog post. 

- I will not guage my success by the number of visits I have to my website. 

- I will work on giving myself grace in the event that I get overwhelmed. 

- I will stay true to myself and continue to post the content that is important to me and my journey. 

- I will not overshare my life/

- I will not monetize my blog. 





Well babes


- share or don't share- its totally up to you what you put out into the universe for everyone to know about. 

- give yourself the privacy you need. 

-its okay to take a break if you need to. 

-its okay to reevaluate your priorities. 









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