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The Need for Peace

April 17, 2019





 For the love of all things beautiful on this freaking planet... can ya girl just get some freaking PEACE? 


is anyone else struggling to find peace? I know for a fact that it cannot just be me struggling here lately. 


Its been a minute since I last was on here because of a couple of things: 


- grad school is hard

-being a good wife is hard

-being a good friend is hard

-being a good daughter is hard

-being a good sister is hard




Its even harder when you have to marinate in it.


Having surgery has forced me to deal with all of this versus burry it deep under a bowl of queso. 


I have been struggling with this overwhelming need and desire for peace. Not just peace in my day to day life. it might just be easier if I list all of these out for you: 


-I want peace in my relationships with my friends. - More and more lately I feel the need to just know that I matter in my friends lives. My world feels like its crumbling, and knowing that they care would make it less earth shattering. 


-I want peace in my relationship with my husband. As you guys know Andy works for Shake Shack. It is a struggle constantly for time together. Often times the Shack comes first and he is there long past the call of duty becuase my husband cares an extremly large amount for his job and his team. 


-I want peace in my school work. - I am fully aware that changing my life causes chaos. There will inevitibly be chaos in the mist of change. Grad School is alot. Send Help. Send Pringles. Send Love. 


- I want peace in my work life. I feel like I constantly am working. there is something to be said when you feel like work is your life. 


My daily routine is the following: 



*get ready

*go to work

*eat (whenever is convienent) 

*go home

*do homework

*sleep ontop of a pile of books




Its exhausting. 




How do you handle life when you feel like you can't find peace anywhere? 


Is there a solution? 


If there isn't a solution, how do I manage it all? 


I am here to tell you, there is no solution. But I have learned over the last couple of weeks that If I take some time for myself, I will be way more productive. 


My world will go on if I take 45 minutes to listen to a podcast. 

My world will go on if I take a 30 minute nap. 


So here's to keeping on and finding peace <3









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