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The Power of Engery

April 25, 2019








Energy. It can be exhausting or exhilarating depending on what your perspective is in that moment. 


Lets break it down form each view point. 


Energy that is exhausting. I'm not talking about the type of energy that is just a lot to handle...


I'm talking about the type that is soul suckingly tiring to be around. 

completely and utterly life depleating. 


Anyone else have any friendships that have been this way? Its hard to make sure you are choosing the proper energy that is in your life. Lately I have been going through a rough patch when it comes to my relationships- in all forms.


 I've had a huge desire for peace in my life over these last couple of weeks. (you can check out last weeks post on my need for peace here)


I know it sounds crazy, but desiring change in your life stems from something bothering you. 


 Ive been bothered that I am allowing energy in my life and inner circle that has *no* place being there. 




From the other perspective is exhilerating energy. 


I have taken a huge note from a woman I follow on instagram- Ella. Ella is an instructor at Class studios here in Dallas and even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Ella, I love her energy. (I was in a spin class that she was in but never got to meet her afterwards)


I follow Ella on instagram because I enjoy her energy. She inspires me to be a better person. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?


Someone I have never met that isn't famous- inspires me and she has no idea who I am or anything about me. 


She is human. She is motivational, She is imperfect and she is a total Dallas rockstar. (give her a follow on instagram if you have it @ellaleupold) 


Ella has been diving into podcasts lastely and I started listening to some of her suggestions that she posts on her story. So much so, that I dedicate one hour every day to listening to a podcast that is giving me the energy to change my life. 


I can say that I have fully enjoyed her reccomendation of Rachel Hollis's podcast called RISE. 


In Rachel's most recent post called: How to be successful WITHOUT compromising your health, she talks about choosing things that will bless you. She mainly talks about food in this instance, but I feel that this concept can be applied to energy as well. 


Is this going to bless me? How will this impact my life? 

Or even more in the moment, how is this going to impact my day? 



One of this big things that I have changed outside of my physical appearance has been the energies I am allowing in my inner circle. I feel that the power of your inner circles energy fuels you.  


If you want to spark true change in your life, choose the people you surround yourself with more carefully. 


Please, don't twist my words. I really hope this does not confuse you...


Yes, I am an open book: if you are interested in me, my life story or my weightloss journey.. feel free to ask away. 


Yes, I talk a lot. A whole lot. - could literally talk to a brick wall if I wanted to. 


Yes, I post a lot about my journey on the internet. I know. 




It's okay to be picky when it comes to energy that you are letting into your life.

It's okay to be open and selective all at the same time. 





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