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Combating Food Addiction Series Pt. 1- Acknowledgement

May 29, 2019



You want the raw, unfiltered truth about how I feel about this topic?



This has to be one of the hardest blogs I am going to write to date. 



Pre-op: I would have sworn up and down that I did not have a food addiction. I could have told you that I enjoy good, wholesome, southern food. But I would have never admitted that I had an issue with food. 


But during this whole process I have learned a lot of things about myself that I did not even know I was battling. 


I have an addiction to food. 


I love food.

I love the sensation of eating.

I love a good cronch of a chip.

I love feeling full.

I love brunch with my girls.

I love sunday lunches/ dinners with my family.

I love queso to an extent that if the resturant is any good- they have quality queso. if not- I won't be back.

 I have an unhealthy love of bacon that I should probably see someone for. 



The reality is, growing up in a cajun family taught me that FOOD= LOVE. the mentality was If I love you, I'm going to cook you up some good crawfish etouffee or some good gumbo. And If you love me back, you are going to eat your whole plate and maybe even go back for seconds. 


Trust me I know this is not just a cajun family that is like this- its almost every dang family in America- regardless of culture.


I have been a proud member of the clean plate club since I can remember. I have loved food since I can remember.


This whole journey has been me learning to: 


Acknowledge it 

Accept it 

Move on


Regardless of topic, Regardless of the depth of meaning to me personally- these 3 phrases I live by now. 


So this is step 1 of this process for me- I am acknowledging the fact that I have a problem with food and I've been working on breaking the cycle. 


The first step to that is finding some healthy swaps for things I love.. for example PIZZA! 


Stay tuned for  Part 2 of the series coming soon! 






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